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International Money Transfer has not yet been so Simple and Faster.

The rating provided will help you choose the best in this industry to transfer money online.

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About the companies

The list of companies and their rating was based on positive feedback from customers who used their service. We have done a tremendous amount of work to collect companies data and form a rating that gives an overall rating to their performance.

Our criteria for selecting companies

Transfer should not be expensive - The exchange rate must be fair.

It should be easy - Sending money should be stress-free - no matter how far you travel. This is security at the bank level, net of banks.

The transfer must be quick - Sending money should be as fast as sending an email. A quick transfer means that money never crosses borders. And most transfers take place the same day.

We present to you the top services for international money transfer. This rating was based on customer reviews that used these services. We have done a great job in order to save you the time of finding a reliable money transfer company. The basic requirements were that money transfer was safe, fast and easy. These companies meet all requirements. We hope that our service was useful for you. Transfers money its easy.